Utility Box Wraps

Art meets function in Parker's Creative District

Last year, the Town of Parker is sought three art designs to be applied to vinyl wraps to cover utility boxes in Parker’s downtown Creative District. See amazing results!
File Jul 09, 12 11 35 PM
"Bison & Elk" - Located at O'Brien Park at the corner of Mainstreet & Victorian
Nature provides us with so much beauty and inspiration. Before homesteaders laid their claim to our town there were bison and deer herds roaming these plains. Every now and then you may catch a glimpse of a bald eagle flying above us. These animals are our lands' ancestors, the true settlers of Parker. Let us not forget the gems of our town. By artist Chelsey Christy.
File Jul 09, 10 09 14 PM
"Maroon Bells - On a Higher Plane" - Located on Mainstreet, east of Ruth Chapel
I have lived in several different countries throughout the world, but it was only after I traveled to the western and southwestern United States that I felt moved to begin a series of landscapes, many of which focus on national parks. The grandeur of the mountains enthralls me. I find an energy there unlike any other. While painting, I try to feel all the different energies that surround my subject and relate the whole composition to that; the energy virtually pulses through my artist's brushes. By artist Hooshang Khorasani.
"The Birds Collection" - Located at the northwest corner of Mainstreet and Pikes Peak Drive.
The intent of my works is to capture the amazingly different views of the sky that we are fortunate enough to witness daily while living here on the picturesque front range of Colorado. I chose two paintings from this collection for the utility box: "Red Sky at Night" and "Make a Joyful Noise." On one side, I portray warming rays of brilliant sunlight breaking through as the cloud cover starts to dissipate. On the other side, the day is done, the sun is setting, dusk is near, and it's time to find a safe roosting place for the night. By artist Jack Malloch.